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  • What's in a Mattress?  What is a mattress? What kinds of things do I need to look for in a mattress? What separates this white rectangle from the 40 others sitting on the floor? When first taking the plunge on acquiring a new mattress set, there are many factors to consider. Between different springs, different foams, traditional beds, foam beds, hybrid beds, and many combinations in between,[...]

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    “Big John” The World’s Largest Wooden Rocking Chair

    In the outlot of Long’s Furniture World, our full line furniture store in Franklin (Amity), sits the world’s Largest wooden Rocking Chair,  This 32 foot tall structure is affectionately known as “Big John”, name after JD Long, who owned the business until to 2007.  He had it built in 2004.   It has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the [...]

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