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  • The Right Adjustment for a Better Night’s Sleep

    September 24, 2017 | Blog
  •  Tuning in to your local tv station and you will inevitably hear an ad for a mattress sale going on. While this is not outside the norm, you notice something new with the ad. The mattress is moving. A person's head gets lifted up while trying out a new mattress, or you might see someone sitting in a position similar to a recliner. The voice over states how the adjustable base/mattress is the exact thing you need. The actors and actresses on tv all seem to be loving the experience. However, is it really worth it? Do you really need an adjustable base? The answer is, more than likely, you can find great benefits out of it.

    I'm too young for that. That's for my grandparents.

    For most people, seeing an adjustable bed reminds them of hospital beds. Hospitals were the first pioneers of them putting them in every hospital room across the entire globe. Originally becoming popular after World War I, adjustable beds allowed injured soldiers to rest in comfortable positions from injury and surgery. Hospitals needed them to help provide the best comfort for their patients in order to get full restorative sleep and heal from their injuries. Not too long after that, people who had difficulty getting out of bed also found the adjustable bed to be beneficial. For many year after that, those proved to be the only consumers of it. Therefore, the stigma of an adjustable base being for the elderly or injured was born. Today, sleep experts are realizing that the same benefits the bases give to hospitals and the elderly are the same benefits that people need of all ages and health.  

  • Support, Support, Support

    As I have discussed on previous blogs, the number one goal of a mattress is to support the sleepers back and spine so that the user can get the most deep, restful sleep possible. Now, while the adjustable base is no substitute for a supportive mattress, the base can go places that the mattress simply is not able to. Lifting up the feet and head of the sleeper the proper amount puts the back in a position where there is zero pressure on it. Let me say that again, the base allows you to have ZERO pressure on your back! Also known as the “Zero-G” position, sleeping without pressure on your back allows you to get comfortable quicker, get to sleep faster, and wake up without the annoying aches and pains of having your back work all night to keep your spine supported. In fact, most bases can come with the position pre programmed so that you can simply hit the button and instantly feel comfort. NASA even uses the Zero G position to help astronauts. Before take off, all astronaut's are strapped into chair specifically designed to make sure no pressure hits the astronaut's back. However, the benefits of the base do not end there.

    Snoring, Heartburn, Indigestion, Circulation

    Many couples deal with the dreaded problem of snoring. Whether it's one person, or both people, snoring can disrupt your sleep and your partner's sleep. However, research has shown that by lifting the snorer's head by as little as 7 degrees, the airways are opened and reduces the snoring. In addition, the person gets more oxygen which is great for asthma sufferers. This same elevation helps those who deal with acid reflux or indigestion. Lifting up the person's head allows gravity to ease in digestion and reduce those problems. In addition, lifting up the feet and head increase blood circulation in the body which is great for reducing headaches, feet and ankle swelling, and relieve arthritis. Not to mention, many bases come with massage features designed to reduce the aches and pains of the day or waking up refreshed in the morning.  

  • Sleep, Work, Read, Repeat

    Another benefit to adjustable bases is to your lifestyle. How many of the following activities occur in your bed: Work, checking email, surfing the web, reading, watching tv, a combination of them? All of these activities can be uncomfortable while laying down or sitting up without support. Adjustable bases provide an easy solution. Simply lift up your head and feet to the desired sitting position and voila, instant recliner.

    Wrapping Up

    Adjustable bases are one of the newest things in out there in creating a whole sleep system. They provide back relief, snoring relief, pain relief, and lifestyle benefits to all users. If you do not believe me, try one out at one of our stores, you'll be amazed at the difference it truly can provide. Sleeping comfortably at night should not be reserved till you are 55 +. You owe it to yourself to get a great night's sleep now.


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