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  • Fall Into Slumber

    September 30, 2019 | Blog
  • October has finally come and the last vestiges of summer will soon give way to cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and the ghostly movement of children seeking candy. Fall brings about many emotions of family gatherings, pumpkin spiced lattes, and cooler temperatures, it can also cause sleepless nights to occur. During this new season, here are a few tips and tricks to enjoy the weather and still get a full night's rest!

  • As the temperature begins to fall, out come the jackets, sweatshirts, and cozy blankets. These are great at staving off the cold, but be careful not to get too hot at night. Between the heavy blankets, higher thermostats, and roaring fireplaces, it can be easy to make your bedroom too hot at night. Temperatures above 75 degrees will make it difficult to get to sleep and to get into the deeper REM cycles that your body needs to recover. Also, as the night's get longer, be sure to get your daily dose of sunshine. Letting in the sun's rays in the morning will help signal to your body that it is time to rise. In addition, Sun light helps give our bodies Vitamin D which is helpful in regulating your sleep cycles.

    Hearty chilis, large turkey dinners, family dinners, and tailgating all bring wonderful flavors of food! These meals help fill your belly and also can put you into a food coma of sleep. While good food is great all around, remember to cut back on caffeine which can help keep you awake longer than you wish. Also, late night cocktails may help make you tired, too much alcohol can disrupt your sleep preventing you from getting the rest that you need.

  • Harvest time signals the end of the season and the bringing in of crops. It also brings family gatherings, good food, and even better times. This Autumn, make sure to enjoy every minute of it by following our tips and don't get “tricked” out of a better night's sleep!