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    November 1, 2019 | Blog
  • The crisp cool air, the chilly fall weather, and the joys of family gatherings are here. November has arrived! With all the wonderful weather, there also comes the impending steps of family dinners. Thanksgiving, a day of feasts, and Christmas both allow families time to take a break from their daily lives and celebrate together. Whether you have new in-laws and/or babies joining the fun, or you just need to update your dining table that is falling apart, there are several different things to consider when preparing for the family feast.

    The single, most important idea to consider when deciding on a new table is how many seats do you need? Are you looking for an intimate setting of four or a large gathering of twelve? Figuring out the amount of seats that you need will help to dictate the size of your table. Below, there is a chart that shows minimum requirements based on the amount of people that are coming to dinner.



    2 seater
    dining table

    4 seater
    dining table

    6 seater
    dining table

    8 seater
    dining table

    10 seater
    dining table

    12 seater
    dining table

    Round dining table

    Min: 2’6″

    Ideal: 3ft

    3ft (92cm)

    4ft (122cm)

    4’6″ (137cm)

    5ft (152cm)

    5ft (152cm)

    6ft (183cm)

    7ft (213cm)

    8ft (244cm)

    8ft (244cm)

    9ft (274cm)

    Rectangle/Oval dining table

    2×2’6″ (61x76cm)

    4x3ft (122x91cm)

    6x3ft (183x91cm)

    8×3’6″ (244x110cm)

    10x4ft (305x120cm)

    12×4’6″ (366x135cm)

    Square dining table

    2’6″ (76cm)

    3–5ft (92cm)

    4–6ft (122cm)

    6ft (183cm)

    7ft (213cm)

    8ft (244cm)

    *credit to Parotas.com

  • The above measurements show minimum size for tables and even some ideal sizes. This is helpful when deciding the size of table that you need based on seating; however, it is also important to see that you have enough room in the space for your table. In addition to looking at the size of the table, measure the space to make sure that it will fit. There should be a minimum of 30-36 inches from the chair to the wall for people to enter and exit comfortably. Ideally though, the space should be 42-48 inches. In addition, there should be 48 inches from a doorway to leave ample room when entering and exiting the dining area.

  • In addition to size, it is important to consider the style of table. As shown in the table, there are several designs of tables to consider. Round and oval table typically provide more table space for dishes and other decorations to be placed; however, it also can make it harder to reach to other areas. Square and rectangle tables can provide a more clean look; however, if the table does not have enough width, then dishes and decorations can eat up space quickly. As a general rule of thumb, people need at least 24 inches. For extra elbow room, the ideal number is 28-30 inches. This will allow people to spread out more and allow for some shared space on place settings. For grand feasts with large place settings, consider having 30 inches of space with 18 inches deep and 9 inches of shared space with others.

    The holidays help bring people together and one of the best ways to do that is by sharing a meal. Good food and good times bring families and friends closer together. When planning out your Thanksgiving feasts, make sure that your space and your table has enough room for the entire family to enjoy. Happy Eating!